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A huge part of being a hair stylist is working with colour and it's not just the weather that is heating up. Yep!, you, guessed it! so are the colours that are taking main stage in 2023


The technique:

This colour is fantastic for blondes that are wanting to go a bit darker and want a change. Perfect for those that are wanting to play around with every stage whilst going darker.

Using the natural regrowth and adding warm tones throughout always creates a beautiful movement of colour, and almost gives a 3D effect of different tones. Blondes really do have more fun opting for this colour choice.

Maintenance: Medium

Depending on the desired vibrancy of the colour, this colour will soften with frequent cleansing. If you find that you can't commit to one colour, this would be a good choice.


The technique:

This colour technique gives a warm and reflective feel, adding movement to your hair and colour. With soft and flowing higher pieces through the hair, this is ideal for almost all hair types.

Maintenance: Low

3 to 4 months would be the ideal time to get the colour refreshed. although this colour is low maintenance, keeping the integrity of the colour if key.

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