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Updated: Mar 17, 2023

Hair styles for 2023 by Barbie

Here’s what to look forward to!

The break down:

When you take a peek at the biggest winter 2023 haircut trends, you’ll see that you’ve got some pretty chic options to choose from, these styles can be customized to suit every client. 2023 is offering hairstyles that don't require much effort, sounds good, right? Lets drive in!

Box Bobb

Facelift for the hair, The Boxx Bob is great for limp ends and this style is volume boosting which frames the jawline perfectly.

Ideal hair type: You can add shape through the front with some grown-out bangs if you have a longer face, where as if your face shape is a little rounder, I recommend keeping more length through the front of the hair cut,

“Full Moon” - Wolf Cut

Emphasizing a shorter length around the face and often texturized adding to this shaggy style it is now becoming known for. A rugged texture in appearance, this style would most definitely suit any client that is looking for a choppy crop look. I style that has created a stir on Instagram with celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Billie Eilish opting for this fresh and free looking style.

Ideal hair type: Ideal for thicker hair types that would like to remove and “bulk” along the length of their hair. This would also suit medium textured hair that would desire more volume.

The Butterfly

If you love your length and volume, ask your stylist about the “Butterfly” cut. Keeping your long length and adding a noticeable amount of feathery layers.

Big Hair, Don’t care! 90’s bombshell blowouts that take us back to the Pamela Anderson '90s bombshell blowout. Glamor and Va Va volume baby!

Ideal hair type: Long, medium or thick textured hair that is in need of movement and body. Styling would be required.

Front Fringes

Fringes are a fantastic way to frame the face, harmonize and accentuate any cut. Its thickness, which way the strand of hair falls or hair naturally wants to fall will determine the type of fringe that would be most suited for you.

Ideal hair type:

Given that you do not have a “Cow’s Lick” in front, fringes are for most individuals.

2023 will be great year for hair! Book in with me and my team to get those amazing and beautiful styles.

*All images are for reference only and not from love&dye

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