At Love & Dye we care about our clients and the environment we put

you in. This goes from making you feel welcome, getting you a drink

(offering dairy alternatives such as soya milk) and settled with your stylist,

to the products we put on your hair, to the world outside our salon.


We care greatly about the environment here and so we have made

some important changes.


To start with, we changed our lightbulbs. Now more energy efficient

– producing more light (but less excess heat) using less electricity.

Next it was the water: swapping out our old shower heads for new

ones enabled us to limit our water waste to the max! Reducing our

water consumption by 30%.


Speaking of electricity, it came to the time where we decided our energy

should go green. Our salon is now supplied by solar and wind energy,

thanks to Ecotricity – our sustainable energy partner.


The biggest challenge and change we faced was finding new organic, environmentally friends, non-animal tested products. Then came along our guardian angel O’Way! A brand which takes great concern and pride in being as ethical as possible; finally someone who cared as much about the environment as we do! All O’Way products are exactly what we asked for, plus ammonia free (no more fumes!), as well as taking care of their packaging, making sure all products are transported in recyclables and the product housing its self, in materials such as aluminium or glass. Even the colour bowls and brushes are made from recycled straws - cutting down on plastic use.


In hair salons, about 95% of the waste produced is in fact recyclable, so there is very little need for any of our waste to infiltrate and poison our soils. Therefore, we recycle as much of our waste as possible. Along the lines of cutting down on plastic waste, when it comes to colour, we must use disposable gloves. In order to in-keep with our sustainable ethos, we only use those which are biodegradable.


These are the steps we have taken to reduce our environmental footprint, we spread the word amongst our clients and employees, hoping that it will inspire more sustainable food for thought. We try to do our bit for the environment, we hope you do too.